In Florida, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is part of auto insurance coverage. Under PIP, your own insurance company will cover a portion of your medical and related expenses after a car accident, regardless of who was at fault in the accident. But you have to act fast.

Getting medical attention quickly

You must seek medical treatment within 14 days of the accident in order to be eligible to submit a claim to your insurance company. Health providers recognized by PIP include medical doctors and D.O.s, chiropractors, dentists, hospitals and their ancillary facilities, and emergency medical personnel. If you do not seek medical treatment within two weeks of the accident, your claim will be denied.

PIP coverage and limits

PIP covers medical conditions, such that not receiving treatment could lead to serious bodily impairment. This may result in serious pain. The condition does not need to be diagnosed within 14 days, but medical attention does need to begin during that 14 day period following the automobile accident.

If a serious condition is determined, the maximum benefit for medical expenses is $10,000.

Where to submit a PIP claim

If you own a vehicle, you submit a claim to your insurer. Those who don’t own a vehicle but live with a relative who does may be able to submit the claim to their resident relative’s insurer. If you have neither option but you were a passenger in or involved in an accident with another vehicle, you submit your claim to that insurer. This also applies if you were a cyclist or pedestrian injured by an automobile.

Covered and non-covered medical costs

Typical, generally accepted medical care is covered by PIP in Florida:

  • Medical services and medication

  • Hospital and surgical centers

  • Operations

  • Injury rehab and other ongoing treatment

Some non-conventional types of treatment, such as acupuncture and massage, are not covered under PIP.

Covered lost wages and occupational services

If you can’t work to your fullest capacity due to the injury, or you cannot do things for yourself that you normally would and must hire someone else to do them, you may receive some coverage:

  • Lost wages up to 60% of your normal wage (the employer must complete a Wage and Salary Verification Form)

  • Partial reimbursement for services, such as house cleaning, lawn care, etc., that you previously did yourself

Personal Injury lawsuits beyond PIP claims

The presence of PIP in Florida does not take away your right to sue another driver who was at fault in the accident. You have the right to sue for costs above the amount that PIP has covered as well as for additional damages and suffering.

At Miami Accident Center, we care for you holistically and are concerned for your immediate and long-term physical health. We help patients find additional specialists in the medical fields when needed as well as in the legal fields when appropriate. We want to help you fully recover — physically, emotionally, and financially.

Our team of expert chiropractors and health professionals will direct your physical healing, while our network of trusted medical specialists and attorneys can advise you with regard to PIP and any additional legal action you may seek. Call us today to help you.

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