Being in the profession of a bus or truck driver is a big responsibility. The job is demanding and requires assurance of public safety at all times. While you will always give your best, you still need to prove that to the authorities. You can do that by taking the DOT physical exam regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

What Exactly Is This Exam?

The CDL DOT Physical is a mandatory medical exam that assesses if you can meet the physical requirements expected as a commercial driver. This also assesses your tolerance to certain health risks that can arise due to continuously sitting on the same seat for a long time. Your visual and hearing skills are checked to ensure that you are fully capable to stay safe and keep everyone else safe on the road.

What To Bring to a DOT Physical Exam

What To Bring to a DOT Physical Exam

Go for a CDL Physical Exam Near You

The best part about CDL DOT physical is that you do not have to worry about where you are. Even if you are in some other city or state you can locate the nearest center and give the exam there. You only need to be sure that the center is authorized to conduct the exam.

If you have a visual impairment or have trouble with your hearing, you can get your eyeglasses or hearing aid respectively before coming to the center. The exam must approve you for being completely in control of your abilities and senses before you can get your commercial driver’s license. You can discuss such requirements and your apprehensions, if any, with the examiner before walking in.

Be Prepared for Unlimited Questions

Your medical examiner at the center will have full rights to ask any number of medical questions from you. They have to be absolutely sure that you are not hiding anything and are honestly sharing your details. Any discrepancy on their end can lead to horrible outcomes, so they will never want to compromise on that. Stay patient, be honest, and you will be done with the exam in no time.

Fill the Form Properly

The first thing you will have to do after walking in is fill out a DOT physical form. This form will be a kind of your declaration that you have no physical disabilities and can handle stressful long rides without much discomfort. If you don’t fill it out properly, you may not clear the exam. It’s better to declare something you lack so that your examiner can help you understand how to overcome it. That will only strengthen your chances to obtain your CDL.

Also, if there is any misleading information in the form, the exam will be considered invalid. You will also be penalized for your action, which will definitely not look on your record. You may also be barred from taking the exam again for a definite period.

Do you have more questions? Are you ready to undergo the CDL physical exam near you? Then get in touch with the nearest authorized center to get started today.

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