If you are working as a commercial driver or intend to become one soon, your employer will require you to undergo a DOT physical in West Palm Beach area. This is a mandatory exam and is governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is this exam that helps ensure that a person is medically fit and in compliance with the health guidelines. This exam is also crucial for assuring the safety of the general public. It is also one of the crucial parameters for qualifying for your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Commercial vehicle drivers have to stay on roads for several days at a stretch. This is why they are also expected to be physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger than car drivers. The DOT physical in West Palm Beach is one of the few exams that help establish their true skills and strength, as well as their ability to continue sitting on the driver’s seat for long intervals.

One just cannot skip taking this exam, since driving without possessing a DOT medical card is illegal on Florida roads.

Target Audience for This Exam

This exam is very critical for the drivers who:

  • Operate motor vehicles with a combined weight of over 10,000 pounds
  • Drive vehicles with 6 or more wheels, or 8 or more people
  • Transport hazardous materials, which also requires their vehicles to show a hazmat card

Those who successfully clear their DOT physical get a medical certificate that is valid for 2 years. If those people have a certain medical or physical ailment or condition, they may have to appear for the certification exam after much shorter intervals (as early as 3 months). The most common of such conditions are heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

What Does the Exam Require You to Disclose?

Those who intend to take the DOT physical exam must disclose all the details about:

  • The medications they are currently taking
  • The surgeries they have had in the recent past
  • Whether or not they consume alcohol, tobacco, or some other drug
  • Any other medical condition that they may have

Undergoing the Physical Examination

The DOT physical exam checks your ability to hear and see clearly. It also checks your blood pressure changes in case of a sudden incident, to assess how you will react to it. A few other health indicators are also reviewed during the exam. You may also be asked to undergo a urinalysis to monitor your blood sugar level.

Only a few medical examiners are licensed to conduct DOT physical exams. You could easily come across some institutions claiming to be certified by FMCSA when in fact either they aren’t or were certified way before. Check for the authorization of the medical professional conducting your exam before you fill the form. You can find details about all registered medical examiners by clicking here.

Are you ready to get a DOT physical already? Or do you have any questions you need answers for before taking the exam? Then get in touch with your nearest authorized medical center and step into the world of commercial driving with full confidence.

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