After an auto accident, you might feel pain or discomfort and need some rehabilitative treatment. How much and what type of treatment you will need depends upon the seriousness of your injuries. At Miami Accident Center, we are dedicated to helping you recover from your accident injuries. On your first office visit, we will complete a thorough examination and evaluation, establish a personalized treatment plan, and address your injuries. Our goal is to facilitate healing in a healthy manner.

Common Auto Accident-Related Injuries

One of the most common results of an auto accident is whiplash, which is caused by the sudden jerking of the head and neck that occurs during a collision. In addition to suffering from a stiff or sore neck caused by whiplash, you might also experience:

  • Pain, stiffness, or limitation of movement in the arms, shoulders, or chest
  • Headaches, dizziness
  • Nausea, blurred vision
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Tingling or numbness in the shoulders, arms, and hands 

Symptoms of whiplash may dissipate quickly, but they have also been known to last for years if not treated properly. A study referenced by the American Chiropractic Association found that chiropractic treatment benefitted 26 out of 28 patients dealing with chronic whiplash syndrome. 

Other auto accident-related injuries may include strains, sprains, and broken bones, often to the knees, elbows, and rib cage; mid- or lower-back injuries; facial injuries and lacerations; head or brain injuries. 

Common Treatments after an Auto Accident

For many types of injuries, treatment by a chiropractor can be preferred over conventional medicine because it is non-invasive and is geared toward relieving pain without the use of potentially addicting or debilitating pain medications. Chiropractic care treats the body as an entire system in which the parts affect the whole. Therefore, we provide care with more than just the injured parts in mind, often producing better results in the long run than those garnered from traditional methods.

Treatments may include spinal manipulation, neuromuscular facilitation, EMS, cryotherapy, mobilization, massage, resistance exercises, stretches, and more. We individualize your treatment to your particular injuries. 

Other Needs after an Accident

In Florida, you must be examined by an approved medical professional, such as a chiropractor, within 14 days of an auto accident in order to be eligible for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. PIP is part of your own auto insurance policy and is most likely responsible for paying your medical bills. At Miami Accident Center, we see injury patients daily. We are not only dedicated to evaluating and treating accident injuries, but we will handle all PIP paperwork for you. 

You may have other issues resulting from an auto accident, such as psychological or financial issues. At Miami Accident Center, our chiropractors work closely with medical specialists that are experts in their fields. These specialists have many years of experience in the treatment and diagnosis of traumatic injuries. The patient care collaboration between our chiropractors and medical specialists ensures our patients will have the most comprehensive care possible. Should you have any legal questions or concerns, Miami Accident Center will refer you to a qualified accident attorney. Call us today to see how we can help you recover from an automobile, motorcycle, or slip and fall accident.

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