A question that frequently crosses the mind of an accident victim following a motor vehicle accident is — what kind of car accident doctor should I schedule an appointment with?

Should I visit my primary care doctor or should I call my chiropractor? Or, even “I think I am fine. I don’t need a doctor.”

Due to this confusion, many injured people either do not go to a doctor or end up delaying their visit. But it’s not their fault.

This next piece of information may come as a bit of a surprise to you.

Not all doctors treat or examine auto accident victims and to some extent, same is the case with a number of car accident clinics in Miami too. There are 2 reasons why this happens, and interestingly both are non-medical.

One, many doctors are not set up to handle the financial aspect of such treatments, that is, they are not in a position to bill PIP or manage insurance-related matters. And this is what leads to the second reason, that is, these doctors avoid getting involved in the legal process as it is time-consuming.

With such few doctors accessible to care for accident victims, it becomes a challenge for the injured to be able to decide the kind of car accident doctor to visit after an auto accident.

And to make matters worse, in most cases, accident victims are not sure of what exactly to do after they have been involved in an auto crash. Road accidents do not just cause physical pain, but also lead to a whole lot of financial and mental trauma, both for the victim and their family.

During this traumatic phase, most victims struggle with their injuries, insurance claims, vehicle damage, repairs, etc. At such a time it becomes difficult to figure out the next step to be taken, especially in the case of injuries that do not show up immediately after an accident.

And that is why it becomes all the more important for you to visit the right kind of treatment facility for your injuries to receive proper medical attention.

The next step is to get in touch with a chiropractor in your area. Chiropractors help you by determining your internal injuries that you could have suffered during the auto crash. They examine your nervous system and spine and plan a treatment regimen that you can follow. The treatment is non-invasive and involves manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Some of the most common internal injuries that are caused by car accidents are whiplash, soft tissue injuries, and back and neck injuries. Unfortunately, most of these internal injuries can take days or even weeks before they can start to cause any problems to the victims or for them to even realize there’s something wrong.

If necessary, chiropractors can refer you to other healthcare practitioners for further treatment. Some chiropractors in the Miami area work together with other spine specialists to offer holistic care to accident victims.

A lot of other medical fields too are involved in the care and management of crash victims. From the emergency room specialist, trauma surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist to a plastic surgeon, burn specialist, chiropractor, and physical and occupational therapist and even the radiologist. Any one of them can be involved in your post-accident care depending on the injuries you have suffered.

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