A fast-paced life sure sounds exciting, but when this frenzied way of life carries over to the roads of a city it becomes really dangerous.

Studies show that most cities that have people living in the fast lane also witness a larger number of auto accidents than those in so-called slow-paced cities. Many car accidents also turn fatal, though fortunately, the numbers are lower than accident injuries resulting from car crashes and collisions.

A motor vehicle accident is one of the most unexpected life events that can happen to anyone. It occurs in an instant but leaves behind a lifelong impact. At times the treatment of accident injuries goes beyond merely managing physical scars.

Injuries sustained during car accidents vary from minor to moderate to severe, including some even being fatal. It is also true that not all car accidents result in an injury. There is a one-in-five chance that a car accident will cause the driver or passengers to become injured.

That is why it is important to understand what kind of injuries commonly occur in a car crash and how a post auto accident chiropractic session can better your overall health. We’ve listed here the 5 most common car accident injuries that are sustained by people during a collision.

5 Common Car Accident Injuries and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

  1. Whiplash

During a car accident, the impact can cause your body to jerk or twist in unnatural ways. Such movements mainly damage the muscle, ligament, and tendon of the neck and back and are called whiplash injuries. These soft tissue injuries can cause intense pain and discomfort and at times these pains can take several weeks and months to subside.

Whiplash injuries very rarely cause any permanent damage, though there have been instances of severe injuries such as herniated disk and cervical dislocation. Car accidents can also cause serious back injuries due to the force that the spine has to bear during a collision or crash.

It is a misconception to think that low-impact collisions cannot cause whiplash. In fact most whiplash and soft tissue injuries are reported by people involved in minor car crashes.

  1. Burns

This is one type of injury which is almost overlooked as an auto accident injury and not much is discussed regarding it. When a vehicle bursts into flames after an accident, the occupants of the car come into direct contact with either the heated body of the vehicle or with hot fluids escaping from the car or even steam from the burning parts.

This can cause serious burns and also lead to deep tissue damage. Such injuries require expensive surgery and skin grafting procedures for the flesh to heal. Also, smoke emanating from a vehicle on fire, can cause lung damage due to poisonous inhalation.

  1. Concussions/Traumatic Brain Injuries

When the head suffers sudden jerks and jolts during a car crash, the tissue in the brain gets bruised and injured. Some common complaints after such injuries are blurry vision, nausea and dizziness, problems with memory, and headaches. Time is of the essence here. Head injuries require prompt medical attention and treatment.

A concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have life-altering effects. Both closed and open TBIs can be severe or fatal, depending on the nature of injury and the extent of damage suffered. Mild to moderate head injuries usually result in concussions while severe impacts can lead to permanent brain damage.

  1. Broken Bones

Often car accident victims suffer from broken bones after an accident. The severity ranges from simple bone breaks that can be managed by applying a cast around them to severe and serious broken bones that require immediate surgery.

Common sites of broken bones are the arms, legs, ribs, collarbones, ankles, and wrists. A case of multiple ribs fracture can very quickly become life threatening if the broken bones pierce any internal organs.

Some severe car collisions have seen victims suffer from a broken pelvis. Though mostly non-fatal, broken bones take time to heal and in some cases lead to disability and job loss. This can cause a financial burden to the victims and their families and also result in emotional problems, like depression.

  1. Internal Bleeding

Though not immediately apparent after a car accident, internal bleeding can lead to complications and threaten a victim’s life.  When the body bears the full brunt of a collision, the impact can cause several organs inside the body to begin to bleed. This is because organs are delicate and cannot handle the unnatural impact of the crash.

Sometimes internal bleeding can result from injury caused by a piercing object or from the body being hit by flying debris during a car crash. It is usually high-speed collisions that cause internal bleeding injuries. These injuries require emergency medical treatment without any time being wasted on administering any sort of self-aid.

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