Slip and fall accidents have become one of the leading causes of injury in the United States. Every year around 1 million slip and fall victims visit the emergency room after suffering injuries sustained during a fall.

The reasons for slip and fall injuries can be a whole host of things — from a wet and slippery floor, to rough and uneven surfaces, or even faulty footwear. At times environmental changes or the mental state of the fall victim can also be responsible for causing a serious slip and fall injury.

You Can’t Predict a Fall

No matter how much one prepares, falls can happen at any time. While some falls are minor and do not cause any serious injury, major falls can lead to severe injuries that can even affect the quality of life. Accident doctors from West Palm Beach warn against delaying treatment in the case of such injuries.

While some slip and fall accidents result in injuries that are immediately noticeable, a lot of fall accidents can be the source of trauma that may not be visible or noticeable at all after the accident. Such injuries take time to reveal themselves and may take anywhere from days to weeks for the victim’s quality of life to be affected by them.

But there are telltale signs and symptoms that do show up after the injury, such as headaches, tingling in the extremities, tenderness, muscle spasms, or some other type of musculoskeletal pain.

3 Slip and Fall Injuries That Can Affect Your Everyday Life

Three of the most common kinds of slip and fall injuries that result after a fall accident include:

  • Back injuries:

During a sudden fall, your back could have taken a major impact. Though the injury may not be seen by the naked eye, a few signs that you could look out for are: localized pain, numbness or tingling in the extremities, and worsening pain while making movements. The pain could be due to a slipped or herniated disc. This means a disc between the vertebrae has moved out of its original position. This can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause severe back pain. A slip and fall trauma can also misalign the spine. Such a misalignment can even cause paralysis.

  • Strains and sprains:

An uneven step or even trying to break your fall can make you sprain or strain your ankles or wrists. These injuries may not seem very severe, but they can seriously interfere with your everyday way of life. A wrist injury could make simple tasks such as buttoning a shirt or trying to cook seem difficult to almost impossible. While a sprained ankle may interfere with your mobility and affect your quality of life or can also lead to dependency.

  • Neck injuries:

After a fall, your neck may feel sore and painful. You may be tempted to ignore the nagging pain and carry on with your work. But what is important to know is that a neck injury could also mean injury to other parts of your body. So along with a whiplash injury, it is possible that you could have injured or herniated your spinal disc. Some of the common injuries of the neck after a slip and fall are:

  • Whiplash
  • Muscle strain
  • Herniated disc in the cervical spine
  • Fracture of a cervical bone
  • Cervical spine dislocation
  • Spinal cord injury

Chiropractic Care for Slip and Fall Injuries in West Palm Beach

Never postpone or delay tending to and caring for your injuries after a slip and fall accident. The trauma to the bones, muscles and ligaments, or to the spinal column can cause you to suffer a lot of pain if not treated on time. Sometimes neglect has resulted in serious conditions such as paralysis.

Our team of experienced accident doctors in West Palm Beach are experts at spinal adjustments. To help your back or neck injury heal faster, they use techniques such as spinal adjustment along with a natural and drug-free way of treatment to provide you a customized and holistic solution for your injuries.

Call our accident injury treatment center for a consultation or book an appointment with our slip and fall injury chiropractor to heal better and faster.

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