One of the most common kinds of injury caused during a car accident, soft tissue damage, though not immediately visible, can become a cause of grave concern in the long run. These injuries require prompt medical intervention along with proper diagnosis and care. Left untreated, the injury can worsen and become chronic over time.

The best way to ensure you recover quickly from your soft tissue injury, is to seek immediate medical attention and religiously follow your treatment regimen.

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What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injuries are quite often not visible or noticeable after a car accident. This is because some of these injuries take a few days to manifest. As a result these injuries mislead car accident victims into believing that they escaped unhurt from the car crash.

What many of us consider low-impact collision for a vehicle, it is not the same for the human body. Speeds as low as five miles per hour can cause serious injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, sometimes even leading to permanent lifelong damage.

The following are some of the symptoms to look out for if you have sustained a soft tissue injury during a car accident:

So that you do not mistake that slight pain in your neck or shoulder for something insignificant, we decided to prepare a list of three common types of soft tissue injuries most car victims suffer from. This list we hope will help you handle your soft tissue injuries better.

  • Whiplash

When your head and neck are violently thrown back and forth rapidly during a car collision, the impact injures the muscles and tendons which results in a whiplash. Such an injury can at times take days to manifest after a car accident.

The formal medical term for this injury is cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome. Common symptoms of a whiplash include neck pain, stiffness of neck, headaches, shoulder pain, with pain radiating to the arms at times. If not diagnosed on time, delayed treatment can result in chronic pain which could take months to go away.

Chiropractors advise never to underestimate that pain in your neck following a car crash. What appears harmless at first could very quickly spiral into a severe and adverse long-term medical condition.

  • Soft Tissue Sprains and Strains

The impact caused during a car accident can force a muscle or tendon to tear or be injured. Such an injury is called a strain. A tendon can stretch and tear partially or completely. Symptoms that point to a strain are the following: pain, swelling, muscle spasms, cramping, inflammation, and weakness.

Strong bands of connective tissues hold the end of one bone to the other. These bands known as ligaments can stretch or tear during a car crash and cause quite a painful condition known as a sprain. The ankles, knees, and wrists are the most susceptible to such injuries.

Sprains are graded by numbers and depending on their severity can be either Grade 1 (mild), 2 (moderate), and 3 (severe). A complete tear of the ligament is graded as Grade 3 in which the joint becomes totally non-functional.

At a chiropractic clinic treatment of a sprain or strain does not include administering pain medication or any intravenous drug. Instead natural methods are used to alleviate your pain and heal your body.

  • Concussions

Another very common but serious soft tissue injury sustained during car accidents is a concussion. Cerebral concussions also known as closed head injuries occur when the inside of the skull around the brain gets bruised.

Such an injury occurs when the head makes direct contact with some internal part of the car or is struck by some external object during the car accident.

Blood can pool around the area of injury and cause complications. To avoid a serious condition from resulting it is prudent to seek immediate medical treatment and care.

Regular visits to a chiropractor will not only alleviate your pain but also heal your soft tissue injuries in a natural and holistic way. If you are in Miami and are looking for a chiropractor, you can schedule an appointment at our accident clinic and walk in for a complete consultation and checkup.

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