Yes, it’s Serious!

Has that recent car accident you were involved in been causing you numbness in your extremities lately? A sensation of numbness and tingling usually points to some sort of nerve damage in our body, and the fact that your spine has been injured.

Most car accident victims often think of pain, stiffness, and soreness as symptoms of car accident injuries. As a result they are not sure of what to do when they experience numbness in their extremities. They usually have a casual approach towards this “trivial” symptom, which can become serious if treatment is delayed.

No, That Numbness Will Not Go Away On Its Own!

Being casual about the numbness you have been experiencing is the biggest mistake you can make. That uncomfortable numb feeling can soon turn into a serious issue with no warning at all. That numbness that your feeling in your arm could be due to your whiplash injury or the numbness in your leg could be pointing to a herniated disc in the lower region of your spine.

Your numbness not being accompanied by pain or soreness does not mean that it does not require medical attention. On the other hand the exact opposite holds true. Any sign of numbness or tingling, however mild, should be addressed immediately. So that your nerve injury does not worsen, schedule an appointment at an accident injury treatment center in Miami today.

 These Symptoms Can Trouble You

Apart from the tingling and numbness, there are other symptoms that indicate that the car accident could have injured your nerves. These symptoms can trouble you from time to time. Keeping a lookout for these symptoms can help you avoid long-term complications. Here are some of those symptoms:

These Symptoms Can Trouble You

 Chiropractic Care Can Help

The appropriate medical course of action for your complaints of numbness and tingling is a visit to a chiropractor. This is because chiropractors treat the root cause of your injury. They use only natural and holistic methods to restore the health of your nerves. Painkillers or surgeries are not advised by them.

Since nerve damage means your spine is also involved, the chiropractic way of treatment works best in the case of numbness and tingling. Let’s understand how. Special chiropractic techniques such as spinal adjustments are used to treat your injury.

What this means is that very light pressure is applied on your spine to free the nerve that is being pinched and causing you numbness. This can take a few sessions of spinal manipulations before you can begin to see the benefits. Yes, it’s a slightly slow method of treatment, no doubt, but it is very effective in the long run and produces long-lasting results.

Excellent Accident Injury Treatment Center In Miami

Our injury center in Miami has an experienced and skilled team of chiropractors who provide excellent chiropractic care. They work closely with you to restore health back to your injured nerves.

Your chiropractor may advise you to follow an exercise regimen. It will be beneficial to include them in your daily routine for faster relief and early healing of your nerves.

Sometimes depending on your injury and speed of healing our chiropractors may also advise massage therapy as treatment for your numbness and tingling. Massage boosts the blood flow to the injured area, thus healing it naturally.

Your treatment regimen could be very different from what the other patients in our treatment center are being provided. This is because at the accident injury treatment center in Miami our team of chiropractors design and customize treatment plans to suit your injury and needs.

Visit our clinic in Miami or call 305-389-9040 for an appointment today.

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