The spine is the most important part of your skeletal system. If you break your arm, your leg is not affected. But harm your back, and your entire body suffers. Spinal health is critically important to your entire well-being. We at Miami Accident Center are committed to helping our patients establish and maintain a healthy spine. 

What Your Spine Does For You

Everyone understands that the spine is the core system of bones that all other parts of the body connect to. Head, arms, legs, hips, ribcage – all are connected to the spine. The connective discs of the vertebral column allow us to move in the most amazing ways – lifting, twisting, bending, stretching, carrying, walking, and running all combine so that we can do not only everyday chores but reach remarkable achievements such as Olympic sports and the eye-popping feats of strength and agility of Cirque de Soleil performers. 

But the spine does even more. The entire nervous system is directed through the spine into every extremity of the body. It allows signals to travel in fractions of microseconds from the toe to the brain. Bodily functions are dependent on an unobstructed flow of information through the spine. Even bladder control is connected to the nervous system that flows through the spine. 

Any obstruction of the communication network that flows through the spine can mean chronic pain, spasm, numbness, or debilitating limitations in almost any part of the body or the brain.

Ways You Hurt Your Back Every Day

Modern life is generally not healthy for the spine and because of that, the majority of people in the U.S. will experience chronic back pain at some point in their lives. Many people mistakenly decide they’ll just have to live with it. But they don’t have to.

The first thing to do is to recognize how you’re hurting your spine and correct your behavior. The second is to consider spinal adjustments to correct the problem and keep it corrected. Ways you may be hurting your spine include:

  • Carrying heavy bags, including purses, on one side of the body, causing the spine to tilt
  • Wearing high heels, affecting posture and knocking the spine out of alignment
  • “Tech neck”: leaning over your smartphone or staring down at your computer for hours, straining the neck
  • Sleeping on your stomach, straining the spine’s arch and neck – sleeping on your side is best
  • Poor nutrition, which can create inflammatory conditions that affect the whole body, including the spine
  • Being overweight, which strains the spine
  • Lifting incorrectly, from the waist rather than from a squatting position
  • Slouching for hours while watching TV or other entertainment or while working
  • Sitting for too long, causing general weakness in the body, a slouched position, and reduced movement of bodily fluids
  • Doing repetitive movements, whether household chores such as vacuuming or industrial chores such as working on an assembly line doing the same movement repeatedly
The Value of Spinal Adjustments

When we have patients who come in with back pain that is not obviously connected to an accident or injury, we first try to assess and address the root causes, such as those mentioned above. We help them make small changes to their lifestyles that will have a major impact on their spinal health. However, in most cases, the spine needs some help to realign – the damage will not reverse on its own. 

At Miami Accident Center, we provide therapeutic help to our patients through the appropriate spinal adjustments to begin getting their spines aligned and strengthening them to stay that way. We carefully assess the areas of the spine that may be locked, immobile, or misaligned and provide customized treatment based on our expertise in spinal injuries.

The number of adjustments necessary differs for everyone, but most people feel significant improvement after a short period of time and many people express a feeling of relief after just one adjustment. Repeat adjustments help keep the spine aligned while it heals. At the same time, the patient should be practicing “good spinal health” by avoiding the behaviors that caused the back problems in the first place.

Call us today at Miami Accident Center, (305)928-2828, to find out how we can help you improve your health by adjusting your spine. 

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