Turning Roadways Into Racetracks!

The Coronavirus pandemic seems to have brought out the worst in some of the drivers. They’ve been reckless in their actions and have added to the numbers of speeding and impaired driving incidents.

Though people have been traveling less due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a striking increase in the number of car accidents, including fatalities. The pandemic has created a lot of extra room on the roads for reckless drivers and speeders to take full advantage of the situation.

Also, research shows, the consumption of alcohol has been up since the pandemic. A lot of people have turned to drugs, opioids, and alcohol to handle their emotions during these difficult times. This affects the lives of others when these drivers get behind the wheel in their inebriated state.

With a lot of employees now heading back to work, the roads will see increased traffic and most likely an increase in the numbers of car crashes too. To ensure you are not caught unawares, we’ve listed four pandemic-related tips you can follow to take care of yourself in case you find yourself involved in a car crash.

But first, your health should be your first priority. Seek prompt medical attention if you have been in a car accident. Schedule an appointment with the best accident chiropractor in Miami, immediately.

4 Pandemic-Related Tips To Stay COVID-19 Safe4 Pandemic-Related Tips To Stay COVID-19 Safe

  • Maintain Social Distancing:

Ensure you always maintain the 6 feet distance recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of the rules of COVID-19 protocol. To not get infected it is important you maintain this distance, whether you are in a store or at the site of an accident.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, make sure you stay clear of the other drivers and eye witnesses present at the site of the accident. Communicate and share important information about your car and insurance either via your phone or write it on a piece of paper and pass it on. Do not get in close proximity to the others who are present at or near the accident area.

  • Store All Essential Materials In Your Car:

Reduce your anxiety and stress while driving during the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring your car is stocked with all the essentials. Having all your essentials stocked in your car will help you drive around safely and calmly. Ensure your car has enough stock of alcohol-based liquid sanitizer along with sanitizing wipes and other cleaning supplies. These will help keep your car and upholstery free from viruses and bacteria. Sanitizers containing 70% alcohol are effective at destroying the Coronavirus, according to the CDC.

If you do end up being involved in a car collision, having all your materials with you will cause less worry and tension during the process. You will be able to focus on the things that need to be taken care of immediately after a car accident. Make sure you carry with you some extra face masks, in case you spoil or lose the one you are using.

  • Keep Things Organized And Handy:

Before you drive off, ensure all your necessary items are present in your car. Having them handy at the time of a crash can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Find a spot in your car that is easily reachable and place your emergency items there. It could be your glove compartment or the center console, whatever you find comfortable. Keep all your important documents properly organized by clipping them and filing them in a folder or binder. Having them flying all over the place at the time you need them can add to your post-accident stress. Also, ensure you can retrieve them easily in case you are involved in a car accident.

  • Consult Your Chiropractor Via Telehealth:

It is best to let your chiropractor decide whether you have been injured or not after a car accident. But due to the pandemic you may not always be able to get an immediate in-person appointment with your chiropractor.

In such a situation you can consult your chiropractor via telehealth. If your chiropractor thinks you require a spinal adjustment or a thorough evaluation at the accident clinic, an appointment will be scheduled for a visit. Or else you will be provided complete medical advice through telehealth, so you can recover safely at home.

Our Accident Clinics Are Open So You Can Stay Safe

At our car accident treatment center in Miami, all COVID-19 guidelines are strictly followed. We also understand that a pandemic does not mean people are not suffering from injuries sustained during a car accident. That is why we are not shutting our doors to our patients.

To consult the best accident chiropractor in Miami and for more pandemic-related accident information you may call our office at 305-389-9040 today. You can also mail us your concerns at DrDean@MiamiAccidentCenter.com

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