Neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, and extremity pain after an accident can have many different causes, therefore treatment must be customized to your particular needs. At Miami Accident Center, we work with our patients to ensure they recover by increasing flexibility and ranges of motion, and increasing muscle strength so long-term problems are avoided. In many cases, long-term pain is an issue after an accident. We can help you make necessary lifestyle changes, following treatment, to reduce and accommodate persistent discomfort.

Neck and back injury from an accident can bring lifelong pain, discomfort, and reduced ranges of motion, so your first course of action should be to come into one of our nine conveniently located offices for immediate evaluation. In most cases, a personalized treatment plan and lifestyle changes provide significant relief. A thorough examination should be performed after an accident to locate the origin of the injury causing the pain before a personalized treatment plan is mapped out for you.

Lifestyle complications

After an accident, special considerations should be taken to ensure your neck pain, back pain, and extremity pain are not further aggravated. We will evaluate your condition and make recommendations in many areas including, but not limited to:

  • Overall stress in your life
  • Poor posture
  • Extensive computer use or “text neck”
  • Muscle strain
  • Previous injuries including accident injuries involving whiplash
  • Injuries to the head, neck, mid back, low back, shoulders, arms, and legs
  • Sleeping position, bed, or pillows
  • Age-related problems
  • Repetitive motion injuries, whether at work or during extracurricular activities
  • Imbalanced loads, such as carrying a heavy purse or briefcase on the same arm every day
  • Nerve compression due to spinal conditions, such as bulging or herniated discs
  • Illness or disease, such as spinal infection, arthritis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or osteoporosis
  • Gritting or grinding of teeth

We will also be on the lookout for symptoms that may accompany neck pain from whiplash which include, but are not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Soreness or spasms (you find yourself often rubbing or stretching your neck)
  • Reduced ranges of motion, unable to turn your head far to the side or up or down
  • Sharp or stabbing pain
  • Pain radiating into your shoulders or down your arms
  • Trouble lifting things or maintaining a grip on something
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the neck, back, shoulders, or limbs
Alleviating your neck and back pain

Once we understand the extent of the damage caused by your injuries, we may find that therapeutic modalities, rehabilitation, and some simple lifestyle changes or home remedies can help you heal properly. Consider changing your sleeping position or your bedding. Sleeping on your stomach is a serious strain on the spine. Pillows should hold your head at approximately a right angle to your shoulders, so your neck is not tilted.

If your work or sports activities require repetitive movement, evaluate how you can change that up, if possible. Stop carrying oversized loads on the same side all the time. Cold packs can reduce nerve inflammation, and certain home exercises and gentle stretches can effectively release tight, but otherwise healthy muscles and ligaments.

Over-the-counter pain relievers could be an option for a short duration, but should not be used continuously for neck or back pain, as they could mask a more serious condition and prevent you from seeking timely medical care.

Seek medical treatment after an accident

After an accident that results in neck, back, or extremity pain, we recommend coming into one of our offices to be evaluated. We want to hear about the details of the accident and the pain you are experiencing, and then find the right course of treatment for you.

We will start with a physical examination and a thorough review of your history, conditions, and current pain levels. As chiropractors, we strive to avoid invasive or expensive treatments if at all possible.

Based on our evaluation of your physical condition and our conversation with you, we might do a light forced chiropractic adjustment of the affected areas contributing to your pain. Often, an adjustment can produce immediate relief, loosening joints, reducing muscle spasms, and decreasing pain. We also may include several other therapeutic modalities that accelerate healing and reduce pain. Most of our patients leave our offices smiling, knowing that they are on the road to recovery.

Because of the nature of pain from traumatic injury, a patient may need to have repeated adjustments to keep them aligned and to maintain continued relief. Other chiropractic techniques may be employed in order to lessen inflammation, realign other areas of the spine, and reduce joint restrictions.

Research shows that patients with neck and back pain experience significant pain reduction following spinal manipulation. Our own experience with our patients indicates the same results. Call Miami Accident Center today if you are experiencing neck pain, mid back pain, headaches, or extremity pain following an accident, so we can start you on your road to healing. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, we will, upon request, refer you to qualified accident attorneys to protect your legal rights. Call us today at (305) 928-2828.

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