Car accident injuries that can cause pain in your back, both upper and lower, include muscle strains and sprains, whiplash, herniated discs, and spinal cord damage. It’s common to believe that back pain or back injury happens only during a high-impact collision.

Nothing could be far from the truth. Even a low-impact collision can cause as much damage.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, irrespective of whether you have sustained injuries, in your opinion that is, the first thing you need to do is get yourself to a chiropractor. A thorough and complete chiropractic evaluation will not only diagnose your injuries but also reveal injuries that remain hidden for days after a car accident. To speak to an expert you can call our accident clinic in Miami for all the details about back pain.

Chiropractic Care For Your Back Pain

Chiropractors are experts at handling car accident injuries. They are trained to hunt for hidden injuries after a car accident. It is those small nagging pains in your neck and back that are the culprits of large things to come, if not treated on time and at the right place.

To ensure no long-term complications or chronic pain results from your back injury, chiropractors depend on a three-step process to treat your back pain and injury.

First step is to manage the pain that is resulting from your back injury. Chiropractors carry out spinal manipulations and adjustments to alleviate pain as much as possible. It helps to be regular with your chiropractic sessions.

Second, your chiropractor will try to help restore the range of motion in your back through massage and specific chiropractic techniques.

And the third and last step involves helping you regain the lost strength and stability of your back. Certain stretches and exercises are recommended so you can do them easily and heal your injury naturally, without depending on drugs or invasive procedures.

Try Out These 3 Easy Stretches

During the rehab phase of your back injury there are a number of stretches you can do to improve flexibility and release tension from your upper and lower back. These exercises also help strengthen the spine and provide relief from pain. We have listed three such exercises below that you can try for your back pain.

Try Out These 3 Easy Stretches

  • Cat-cow Stretch

As the name suggests, this stretch is a mix of a cat and cow pose. Find yourself a comfortable yoga mat and begin the pose on all fours.

Position your arms directly under your shoulders and hold your hips over your knees. From this neutral spine position slowly bend your back (spinal flexion) to form a C-shape and inhale. Hold for a short while with your chin resting on your chest. As you exhale, let your belly drop towards the floor (spinal extension) and lift your head up in an upward gaze.

You can start with 5 repetitions and gradually increase the number of repeats to what is comfortable for you.

  • Supine Bridge

Lie down flat on your back with your arms on the side and feet on the ground. Stack your knees over your ankles. Slowly raise your hips off the ground and squeeze your glutes. Hold for a few counts or till comfortable. Then gradually lower your hips back on the floor. Make sure you do this exercise slowly with no jerky movements. The supine bridge strengthens your back muscles and helps stabilize your back.

  • Side-to-side Knee Rolling

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knee and your feet flat on the ground. Holding your knees together slowly roll them to one side. Hold for a few counts and bring your knees back to the middle. Now roll your knees slowly to the other side. Do one side at one time and as your confidence increases, you can roll from one side to the other in one complete movement.

Please Keep These In Mind Before You Try Any Of The Above Stretches

  • Before you attempt any exercise or stretch it is best to always consult your chiropractor and seek their advice.
  • While doing the stretches, only move yourself as far as it feels comfortable. Never, overstretch or overdo any of the exercises. You may harm your back injury rather than helping it heal.
  • The above stretches are best done on the floor on a mat. But if you find it uncomfortable to do them on the ground, you can also do them on your bed, provided the mattress is firm.

If you have any queries or questions regarding chiropractic care for your back injury, you can call our accident clinic in Miami at 305-389-9040 or email us at [email protected]

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