Similar to the many safety devices in your car, seat belts too are a safety feature that have stood the test of time. They are still the most effective safety gadget in your car that can prevent you from injuring yourself severely during a car accident.

Statistics reveal that the number of people buckling up is fortunately on the rise. But sadly for those still not following the rule to wear seat belts are in the high-risk zone of sustaining severe injury in the event of a car crash.

Seat belts And Horses?

Here’s an interesting fact that you should know. Seat belts were not born with the advent of modern cars. They existed even before modern cars hit the roads.

It was the horse-drawn carriages in the olden days that used seat belts to keep their passengers safe. The seat belt continues to be your best defense against severe injury during a car accident.

Prevent Injuries, Wear Seat belts

If numbers are to be believed, of the more than 22,000 lives lost in car wrecks in the year 2019, almost half of the car occupants were not wearing a seat belt. This should convince you about the necessity of wearing a seat belt, the moment you get in your car.

Given below are 4 top reasons why you should buckle up the moment you get into a car.

4 Ways Wearing A Seat belt Can Save Your Life During A Car Accident

  • Saves Your Brain And Spine From Injury

At the time of a crash, the impact of the force is felt across your body. But if you are wearing a seat belt, the device helps to distribute the force. The stronger parts of your body feel the impact, while the weaker parts are saved from the force.

This distribution of impact saves your brain and spine from being severely injured. Had you not been sporting a seat belt, your head and spinal column would sustain serious injuries.

A minor head concussion could turn fatal or your spinal column could be fractured or the impact could lead to a condition called herniated disc. Injuries such as whiplash, concussions, fractures, musculoskeletal damage, and traumatic brain injury are common after a car accident.

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, seek immediate medical attention. Schedule a visit to an accident clinic in West Palm Beach and have experts evaluate your injuries. To know more call 305-389-9040 or connect here: https://www.drdeanmiami.com/contact/ for an appointment. No matter what, never ignore wearing your seat belt.

  • Holds You In Place

The moment you crash your car or are rear-ended, the belt secures you in position. Without it, the impact of the crash could throw you around uncontrollably and you would lose control of the car.

But when the belt holds you in place at the time of a car accident, the skidding and spinning doesn’t affect your position too much. It readies and almost prepares you to take control of your car and the crash.

  • Stops Ejection

Most car accidents turn fatal when the occupants are ejected out of the vehicle at the time of a crash. If you are wearing a seat belt, the safety device prevents you from being thrown out of your vehicle.

Many believe that it is better to be thrown out of your car at the time of a crash than to remain restrained in it. This is a myth. You are four times more likely to be critically injured or even killed when you are ejected out of your vehicle. It’s safer inside.

Wearing a seat belt increases your chance of surviving a car wreck. Accidents turn fatal when someone is ejected from a vehicle.

  • Prevents You From Breaking The Law

The law requires you to buckle up once you’re inside your vehicle. Going against the law can attract a penalty or fine. And mind you, these fines can be quite expensive.

Be a law-abiding citizen. Protect yourself from breaking the law and landing yourself in trouble. But really, how difficult can it be to buckle up? It’s for your own safety.

Stay Buckled, Stay Safe

All of the safety devices put together cannot provide you the kind of protection a seat belt can. While it’s true that airbags protect the occupants of a car at the time of a crash, what is also true is that they alone are not as effective, if the occupants are not buckled up.

At the time of a car accident, those wearing a seat belt get added protection from the airbags while the belt holds them in place. There is a danger of you being thrown around at the time of a crash if you’re not wearing a seat belt. The airbags alone are not sufficient to save you from injury. So, buckle up every time you hit that road and have a safe drive.

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