A car accident can happen without any warning. Depending upon how severe the accident was, there will be injuries that you will have to deal with. For external injuries, you can visit the nearest hospital and seek the best treatment. However, you must never overlook the internal injuries that are just as severe. You can speak with a car accident chiropractor in Miami FL for the same.

Recover Faster with Chiropractic Care

If you wish to recover from internal car injuries faster, you must seek out these most effective chiropractic care treatments:

  • Whiplash Treatment:

Whiplash is perhaps the most common internal injury that everyone complains of after an accident. An accident always causes a bump, and that’s enough to cause a sudden movement in your neck area. Since you weren’t expecting that sudden movement, your neck’s muscles incur whiplash. This injury can cause pain in your neck area as well as across your shoulders.

Chiropractors begin their treatment for whiplash by focusing on reducing inflammation in the affected area. They may use certain manual therapy methods, and even apply pressure to facilitate gentle stretching. They may also advise you to apply an ice pack or use neck support for a short while.

  • Electrical Simulation:

This method is very effective in reducing inflammation and stimulating muscles within the affected area. The procedure involves the use of a very weak electrical current through electrodes attached to your body. These electrodes then generate electrical impulses that pass through the skin to stimulate the affected area and initiate the body’s self-healing mechanism.

  • Spinal Manipulation:

This is the most commonly used method in chiropractic care to treat car accident victims. This process is further divided into 3 categories, which are:

    • Flexion-Distraction: This method involves mild spinal manipulation for treating herniated discs. The process works in the form of slow pumping that helps reduce inflammation and any sense of pain in the affected area.
    • Targeted Spinal Manipulation: This method involves treating those areas where the movement now feels restricted or is unusual. The method engages the thrusting technique to stretch the soft tissue and stimulate the nervous system for restoring normal functioning along the spinal joints.
    • Manipulation Through Hand-Held Devices: Certain dislocation conditions may require chiropractors to use small hand-held devices for restoring range of motion. The tool helps to apply pressure in the affected area without thrusting. Old-age people who are suffering from degenerative joint syndrome can benefit greatly from this method.

Your chiropractor may also deploy a combination of the above methods to treat your internal injuries, depending upon their severity and what led to causing them.

Treating Internal Injuries After an Accident

Any accident, severe or not, is certain to push your musculoskeletal system out of its original position. This can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Over time, if left untreated, this can start affecting your lifestyle beyond your imagination.

Internal injuries aren’t like the ones that you can see. These happen within your muscles, veins, and bones. You can even consider them as more threatening than the injuries you can see on the surface.

A chiropractor specializes in such kinds of injuries. These experts don’t use any surgical equipment, large devices, or invasive treatment methods on your body. Their methods mostly involve the use of their hands to push the muscles and bones in the affected area back to their original position. Once they do that, your body’s self-healing mechanism is unlocked, which speeds up your recovery process.

Speak to your nearest car accident chiropractor in Miami FL to get a free quote. Use this opportunity to also learn how chiropractic care procedures can help you regain good health in no time!

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