Why Chiropractic Care

Complete chiropractic care includes light force chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy to different parts of the body. These adjustments alleviate pain and improve mobility and range of motion. MAC’s car accident-related injury treatment process is noninvasive and bereft of drugs or medications. This often helps avoid surgery despite victims experiencing severe pain symptoms in the affected area. Our process involves identifying the painful areas, determining its root cause, and finally customizing a treatment plan to suit your requirements. Do not wait to visit a Miami car accident doctor after you’ve been involved in a car accident.

Why You Should Not Delay Injury Treatment after a Car Accident

Severe pain but no visible injury does not mean it is not serious. Never take hidden injuries lightly. Left untreated they can lead to chronic pain and long-term complications. Why let injuries affect your quality of life? See a car accident chiropractor immediately after a crash so your treatment can begin on time and you also do not risk losing out on your personal injury claim.

To strengthen your personal injury insurance claim, your treatment of accident injury should be done on time. Only then will you be able to submit detailed medical records for your injury claim. Miami Accident Center helps you every step of the way so you can get the best from personal injury.

The following are four main reasons why you should consider visiting MAC for treatment of your car accident injuries:

Miami car accident doctor

  1. Patients Benefits

By opting for chiropractic care at Miami Accident Center (MAC), your car accident injury can be located and treated depending on the root cause and your pain symptoms. At Miami Accident Center, we perform spinal manipulations and adjustments to relieve you of your pain. We also provide physical therapy along with chiropractic procedures to help facilitate proper healing after you’ve been involved in a car accident. Our treatment can help your injuries heal naturally and holistically without any surgery or painkillers. Car accident victims benefit through quick and effective care and are ensured their injuries do not worsen over time.

  1. Leading Accident Center in Miami

As one of the leading accident centers in Miami, MAC helps treat injuries as well as provides guidance for personal injury claim to all their patients. Once we’ve evaluated and diagnosed your injuries, we attach all detailed medical reports and forward to your injury attorney immediately so there is no delay. After assessing the severity of your injuries, a customized treatment plan is designed to suit your needs and requirements. To benefit from the facilities our accident center provides, ensure you visit us within the first 72 hours following an auto accident.

  1. Licensed Doctors & Experienced Staff

Our expert chiropractic team includes Dr. Dean who is a licensed Florida chiropractor and an active member of the Florida Chiropractic Association. He is also certified to perform CDL DOT Exams in Florida by the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. To support him is an experienced staff that has extensive experience in providing chiropractic care services and treatment. The top-notch chiropractic care they offer ensure you are in a nurturing environment and in completely safe hands.

  1. Your Health is Our Priority

When you choose to get treated at MAC for your accident injuries, you can be sure you will receive only natural and holistic care. We treat the root cause of your pain so that you heal from the source and not just superficially. Our goal is to treat you as a whole and work towards getting you back to your active lifestyle as before the car accident.

What Sets Us Apart

We don’t just treat your injuries, we are committed to delivering personal and customized attention to each of our patients. It is our endeavor that every patient who visits our car accident injury center gets the treatment and care they deserve. You can call us at 305-389-9040 for all your questions and queries. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you.

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